About us

About UsNative Earth is proud to be woman-owned since 2003. Our family of gardeners is the happiest around because we take care of each other, and in return we take care of you. We call ourselves The Garden Ninjas because most of the time you won’t even know we’re there!

Owner Sarah Marcogliese grew up in a family of horticulturists dating back 370 years, and it’s her passion to continue the family tradition. She has been in the green business for 20+ years. From her experience, Sarah knows there is a need in the industry for a higher level of maintenance with a focus on customer satisfaction, plant knowledge, and a drive for perfection. With a secondary background in the arts, she looks at the garden with an artistic eye as well.

loveWhen Sarah began her company, neither she nor her husband Peter knew just how quickly things would take root. In the third year of business, Sarah asked Peter to quit his job at the USGS and make his life truly fulfilled! Peter has taken on the areas of irrigation, soil-and-rock, and others so Native Earth can be a full-service garden-maintenance company. A passion has been unearthed in Peter in his years at Native Earth. Now he can’t imagine a life without the deep connection to nature that gardening has given him.