We understand that nature is dynamic and unpredictable. As the years and the elements change your garden, we will be there to encourage the best results. By including our care as a regular part of your landscape’s maturation, we protect your investment by nipping problems in the bud before damage is done. We are flexible, adaptable, and able to learn and change with your garden’s needs.

Most companies don’t specialize in garden maintenance, but we make it our top priority at Native Earth. And when you need a service in which we don’t specialize, we’re happy to refer you to our wonderful network of experts.

Contact us for a detailed program that fits your gardens needs! 303-885-8696 or 303-803-7313

Services provided:

• Spring Wake Up
• Organic Fertilizing
• Weeding and Dead Heading
• Pruning
• Transplanting and Thinning
• Rose Maintenance
• Composting and Mulching
• Wildflower Beds
• Bed Renovation
•Ornamental Grass Care
• Small Tree Care
• Irrigation
• Bulbs
• Annual Planting and Pots
• Perennial and Shrub Plantings
• Staking and Caging
• Vegetable Gardens
• Organic Pest Control
• Turf Care and Grass Edge
• Perennial and Annual Care
• Fall Clean up
• Winter Watering